Too big for normal clothes but too small for maternity clothes – ‘Tween Time!

 Most of us have a maxi dress or two tucked away in the back of the cupboard waiting patiently (or not) for the first signs of summer. Maxi dresses can be very forgiving around the belly area and (in my experience, anyway) are one of the most comfortable things to wear, pregnant or not.

Now, I know the weather isn’t forgiving right now but with a little bit of accesorising there is no reason why you can’t wear a maxi dress during your ‘tween time. A nice little cardigan, a cute pair of ballet pumps and Bob’s your uncle. Best of all, these things are all probably already part of your collection so, hopefully, won’t cost you a penny!

Another cheap option for you if your trousers/skirts are getting a little, shall we say, gappy is to use an elastic band to loop through the clothes so that you can give yourself a little bit more room and time before having to shell out for the next stage. Along with this, if you are in any way handy with a needle you could always take buttons off and move them a little bit to add a few much needed inches.

Keeping with the free theme, leggings are a staple of most wardrobes, maternity or otherwise, I know I have my fair share of them lying in wait for my fat days. Even if you have to buy them, they are cheap, forgiving and, teamed with the right top, can look fabulous!

This leads nicely on to the next pre-maternity wear essential items, floaty tops. They’re all over the high street at the minute so there’s a good chance that you have at least one of these already at home. They are a great match to leggings, comfortable to wear and cover the belly without squeezing, so another great addition to your ‘tween time wardrobe.

Moving on to items that you probably will have to buy if all else fails – a belly band, aka bump band, bella band etc is a great little ‘tween time staple. These slip round the tummy, effectively disguising the fact that your clothes are no longer behaving as they should. If you do have to invest in one of these it shouldn’t set you back too much, if you shop wisely you should be able to pick one up for between £5 and £10, so still not a bank breaker. You can pick bump/belly bands up from Funkybump, of course, but if you want to shop further La Fee Noire also have a selection, as do and Mothercare, to name but a few. There are no shortage of stockists out there!


My final words of ‘tween time wisdom, if nothing else has worked for you and you find yourself clicking into maternity collections then look for clothes with elasticated, adjustable waists. There are loads of them out there, in fact a great company for this type of maternity clothes is Funmum. Not only will you be able to wear them at this stage but also throughout the pregnancy and for the months after when you’re getting back to your old self, in your own time, of course!

These are just a few suggections for those of you currently going through ‘tween time. I hope they help and, if so, then why not pass them or let me know what steps you took to put off buying maternity clothes x 

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