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A UK Man Is Thought To Be The First In The Country To Have Given Birth


The man is only one of five ‘male mothers’ to have given birth worldwide and this is believed to be the first case in Britain.

Details were revealed by Joanna Darrell of the Beaumont Society, which provides support to those have changed sex or would like to do so, a process also known as gender reassignment.

She said the man, in his thirties, inquired about the practicalities of having a baby after the surgery. He was referred to another charity but later got back in touch to thank the society for its help and say he had had a baby but it has not been disclosed whether the child is a boy or a girl.

The full circumstances of the British man are not known, but he is believed to have kept his womb in the sex change. 

There is a variety of ways in which he could have become pregnant.

The simplest involves producing and using his own eggs, having sex and conceiving and giving birth naturally.

At the other end of the scale are scenarios that involve donor eggs and sperm, hormone treatments, IVF and a caesarean section. 

It is thought by some that other babies may have already been born this way in Britain.