Breastfeeding Your Baby In The Local Pool – Would You? She Did!


I’ve just read an article about a woman in Manchester who chose to breastfeed her baby at a public pool and was asked to leave because it amounted to indecent exposure and was the same as someone urinating in the pool. Now, initially, I felt my feministic hackles rise to the limit but I did take a second to think – not from the perspective of the management of the pool but purely from the hygiene perspective of the mother.

Like anyone I know, I’ve been to the public pool and I know that as much as no one will ever admit it there have been people (and I really hope that I’m talking only about children here) who will have (accidentally or not) pee’d in the pool. Can you imagine standing breatsfeeding your child in the midst of that, bearing in mind that anyone could splash the child at any time. I don’t know, I could be wrong but there just seems to be so many more cons than pro’s – comfort for one, both mother and baby couldn’t possibly be in the best breastfeeding position in the world.

I freely admit that I am not speaking from experience. I unfortunately, wasn’t able to breastfeed  but I would love to hear the opinions of anyone who has……..

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