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The Truth About Labour By The Black Fairy

Labour is a strange thing, and yes sorry girls, it more than smarts! However prepared I thought I was I really am a wimp!lafeenoire maternity the black fairy

Having been told at my first scan that this baby was in no way coming out the same way it went in, due to a large fibroid growing on the neck of my womb…However as stubborn as any baby can be, mine had other ideas and squished into the engaged position just in time for the C-section dating scan…ok so we were going natural. One NCT class later and I was ready for as many drugs as the NHS would allow me to ingest .

So from 3am to 7am I kip in my maternity ward bed, fitfully and badly. I wake to find something rather unpleasant has popped out and its clearly NOT a baby!

A “show” I am reassured is a good sign! I merrily take the offered paracetamol for the dull tummy ache that rumbles on for several more hours. At 9am my man will appear and he can take over! Right?

So at 8pm I bell the midwife (happens to be the sweetest bank nurse who thought she would be on the orthopaedic ward, so she was in for a shocker of a day wasn’t she!)

I ask through gritted teeth ‘what can you give me now??’ she suggests a warm bath..marvellous idea, bubbles and a magazine..sadly, fear really set in on my own in that little clinical bathroom as contractions came and went with varying intensity.

So at 10 I am moved to a private ward as even I can no longer do the silent scream routine in a room of non-labouring mums-to-be.

So I am left.


A redundant Gas and air canister calling me from one corner of the room.

Its oddly quiet.

Eventually my lovely bank nurse tells daddy to pop home and feed/walk the dog and pick up the camera we forgot the night before….It will be an age yet..oh yeh? How does she know?, So he kisses me goodbye and legs it! Within an hour a dishy doc appears just as I am in the middle of a contraction and my face is contorted like a witch chewing a wasp. He had to have thought ‘Christ what an ugly woman!’ He puts the equipment in my hand indicating he can tell I will beg for drugs! As it happens by the time daddy returns all smiles and refreshed I am ready to push.

Still alone. In my little room and More than a little cross with him!

But trust me , by now IT IS NOT QUIET.

I can hear this deep growling , almost like a lioness in the wild.

Jesus, what a racket. Oh, so its me!? Hmmm, that’s different.

Wheelchair ride to the delivery suite and we’re off. Too late for drugs. Too late to back out and certainly too late to slap the nurse who asked me to quieten down on the way down there. Be back for her later!

The joy of Gas and Air…at one critical point both Delivery midwife and daddy to be suggest I take in some actual AIR as well as Gas! Well I always thought the two were combined in the one can so having happily breathed in and out on the thing I was on a different planet!

After just 3 more hours and without swearing bizarrely and my gorgeous bub is squinting up at her mummy and for that special 15 minutes or so we are 3. Daddy says ‘remember this moment, its our secret for just these few minutes.’ That statement and the moment will remain with me forever as will my unconditional love for my special girl.

Thanks again for reading x

The Truth About The Third Trimester By The Black Fairy

lafeenoire maternity the black fairy
So you are on the home stretch…! Stretch being the operative word! How on earth will this belly ever snap back into its original shape? Hmmm, maybe it wont. The realisation finally dawns on you that NOTHING will ever be the same again. Your body is no longer yours and is soon to become a stumbling ( the effects of birth leave you more than a little bow legged), mumbling (no energy to actually speak properly) vending machine!
Towards the end of the 6 month I begin to start feeling more like myself than earlier on and realised that as a host ship to my onboard alien I wasn’t doing too badly. Apart from looking remarkably like a swelling aubergine, my skin shone (like a glow rather than the previous ‘leaf shine look’ of before) I could eat without regret and the only real craving I had now was for blood oranges…not normal oranges but blood red! Hmmm, slightly worrying but still Vitamin C! Now I am not one to dramatise but my biggest issue as my bump entered a room before my head was the way pregnancy is ignored by many and almost considered ‘your own fault you’re in this condition but the ignorant.
One rare day when I could face going into the city centre I park up in the already heaving multi story , relieved to find one of about 3 spaces left. A car promptly pulls into the space on my drivers side. Sporty number it was I recall, like a TVR or something you wouldn’t want to prang! The guy , remarkably short (need I say more!) winks and smiles as he skips off into the crowds. Now, my problem was, with a car on both sides and a bump the size of twins (baby and fibroid vying for position) I could no more climb out of the car door than clamber over the seats and out the boot. OH MY GOD…and then of course I need a wee! Now I know there are no other spaces. So I wait a few minutes before bursting into tears, turn on the ignition and drive straight home, weeping the entire journey.
The last week of my pregnancy it happened. I was faced with my new look body in 3D. having avoided it for months it finally had to happen. My gorgeous hubby took me away for what would be the last weekend before bub and a lovely (lift free) private hotel in Bath was the perfect venue. Fear spread across the receptionist face as she saw my size and insisted we move out car to the front of the carpark ‘incase!’ No lift proved just one of the issues on this weekend away. The heat of summer and the nausea returning was enough but were the mirrored walls and ceiling in the bathroom really necessary. As I stepped into the shower and screamed my panic stricken man raced in to find me wailing like a banshee as I saw the true horror that was my new physique. Well it was a shock!
As was being told at the C-section dating scan that actually my precious cargo had performed a somersault and was in fact poised to pop out the right way..Oh dear…having avoided anything anti natal or remotely natural birth I went into panic mode at that point. Hubby delighted at prospect of being a hero and racing me across town in full blown labour (you get the idea!) And so, off to the one NCT class I made…was very relaxing actually until a lady detailed her ‘marvellous natural birth’ in such graphic detail I damn near wet myself! Nettle Tea and NO drugs?? I don’t think so!
The day before my labour began I could be seen enjoying a sunbaked weeding frenzy from the outside path and up steep steps to our terraced garden, up and down , up and down, burning weeds and dragging out brambles…why? Who knows, I certainly didn’t set foot in the garden to admire my handywork for several weeks afterwards!
And so just the next night, the last day of June and just 3 hours home from the pub (couldn’t have been embarrassing!) my waters flood out the second I get into bed! Joy. Having speed read al the do’s and don’ts for when this may happen my brain turned to mush. Running up and down the landing with towels between my legs was possibly not in the book? But the 2 sleeping step sons were oblivious despite their daddy placing their shoes neatly just inside the door as if they were going to fly from bed to shoe in one sleepy step. Gran is scrambled , engine roars (alerting the whole village to our drama) and we are off! ……………
Next week Rachel deals with the labour and, in the meantime, if you’d like to check out La Fee Noire’s maternity fashion just go to

The Truth About The Second Trimester by The Black Fairy

lafeenoire maternity the black fairy

So Onwards and Outwards!

Congratulations, you made it! The 12 week landmark. Scan time , Yippee!

Excited? Of course but if like me you approached this landmark with some trepidation, you are certainly not alone. This is the turning point at which you see the being within! Oh yes, and apparently your morning sickness subsides (urban myth number 3075!) Cravings become more normal (ok so blood…..oranges was a fairly safe one!)
Anyway, off you go with sweating palms, slightly green around the gills and breaking your neck for a pee (if you followed the instructions to fill your bladder) and you pray the appointments are on schedule! At least you are not the only one squirming in your plastic armchair in the waiting room.
At last you see your tiny passenger on the screen sucking his or her thumb and wonder how on earth something so small could have caused such physical carnage over the last 3 months. Hubby has a wide grin on his face and is almost beating his chest with pride….its wonderful for you both to see your joint creation but…”Please can I go pee…NOW?!!!! Make the most of this private wee too, as from here on, almost every time you go it will be into a tubular pot with a label!

Clutching your scan pic, you rush to ring your own mummy and text the news to everyone in your mobile regardless of your relationship with them! My dental hygienist was particularly pleased to hear my news!.
Maternity clothes are now a priority, not only as the girly urge to shop becomes more pressing but because squeezing into unsuitable gear makes me look fat instead of pregnant. So off I trek, complete with kicking cargo! The obvious outlets offered a variety of tents and shapeless sacks but my priority was jeans…OH MY GOD, what’s the deal?…under-bump, over-bump, side panel, jersey basque, drawstring, etc ..I want funky jeans…this is a minefield…However, I am a quick learner when it comes to clothes shopping and was well equipped in no time (sorry Credit card!)
Now I thought my body had gone through all the change it could handle! Wrong! My boobs are bigger still (they still hurt but it’s the only time I ever had a cleavage so I ensure photos are taken!) The general stretching and retching remains but its slightly less and more manageable.
Sadly, alongside a nagging backache came an even greater body shock. Who knew Ankles could become Cankles on this rollercoaster? So the simple art of wearing socks suddenly became a game of chance. Ugh.. they looked like stumps! I also added a new chin to my rounding face! I almost felt in disguise by week 16 but Mini-me was kicking me from dawn to dusk so I knew we were on the same team. Ladies, don’t be fooled, if you are lucky enough to be ‘blooming’ in this trimester, you will still be dog tired so go with it. After all, you are no longer the boss!

Thanks for reading, love from Rachel, The Black Fairy, Lafeenoire Maternity xxx


La Fee Noire Launches Their Autumn/Winter Collection

La Fee Noire Maternity ShirtIf it’s maternity workwear you need then look no further than this practical yet stylish Maternity Blouse. Why compromise your maternity style when you go to the office, when La Fee Noire offer you this stunning maternity shirt for just £35.

It works perfectly with their Black Maternity work skirt and to complete your workwear outfit , team these two with a pair of black maternity tights and you are all set.

La Fee Noire Maternity Dress

Or, maybe you need something for a night out with the girls, in which case this designer black Maternity Nursing Dress “Miranda” by Amayi is for you. It has unusual green and lilac sash detailing with drop clip opening for breastfeeding.

It is available in 4 sizes and can be bought on site for £45!


Perhaps you need the perfect top to go with jeans and heels? If so then look no further than this Chocolate Brown Maternity Top. It has a La Fee Noire Maternity Topbeautiful waterfall style drop with rope tied v neckline and a soft tie at the neck.

The asymetric hemline gives this top a gorgeous flowing waterfall style – this really is designer maternity at its best and can be bought from La Fee Noire for just £30!

This is just a small selection of what’s on offer in La Fee Noire’s new collection so why not visit their site today at to see what other little gems you can pick up.

The Truth About The First Trimester by The Black Fairy

fairyno text1The Truth about the First Trimester

It has to be the longest 12 weeks of your entire life…!firstly you wait with bated breath to do a test, (in my case I was waiting to do Ovulation test 11 days after my first day of my period!) Then I realised it was actually too late!

Of course at this point you are constantly checking your pants for your period. Convinced you are just under the weather, you end up doing about 5 tests before finally accepting the result. I mean, how can I get caught after trying for just 8 months, I was on the pill for 19 years for goodness sakes!

Then when you get a big fat positive result you wander round the house going ‘oh my god!! . You call your surgery, make an appointment to see doc and midwife the following week. The receptionist laughs at you when you ask her to confirm that 5 positive tests are definitely conclusive, aren’t they?

Then without warning you start spotting and cramps begin almost seconds after you break the good news to your other half! Pregnant for one day? Surely not!

You then spend the next 3 weeks checking pants (again!), this time hoping NOT to see blood! Could make a girl go mad!

Then, your boobs bloat but that’s ok because you usually have no boobs at all!. Sadly the downside to your nice new rounded pair means they are sore, sensitive as hell and seriously out of bounds to your other half!

Your other half is going around with a grin on his face, enjoying ‘our secret’. Well he doesn’t have to go pee 30 times a day or worry about throwing up every time you cough or sneeze, does he?

The spotting and general gunge subsides and your midwife comes over for her visit, your scan is booked and you still feel like you only control your head and feet and that someone else has taken over your body!

She is absolutely lovely and really puts you at your ease. When the question of breast feeding comes up you instantly have a shooting pain through your left nipple and wonder if that would be a wise move at all! Eventually she sells the idea to you with the line about getting your figure back quicker! That does it ! Sold to the lady with her head down the pan! They are very shrewd these ladies!

You are gradually getting a taste for ginger in any form whatsoever (that’s all you can taste at all, apart from metal that is!!) You would rather be strung up than leave the house without your sick bands on…gone are the days when that applies to the right handbag or lippy!

Then, your guts begin to bloat to match your swollen breasts, firstly just after food then oddly all the time!? Suddenly your relatively flat tummy is meeting people before you are! This is getting increasingly difficult to hide now. Roll on scan!

Its month 3 and you start to feel slightly better? Oh my god, are you still pregnant? Oh good, I feel a bit sickly again, that’s ok then! Never have you almost willed yourself to feel dicey. How weird is that?

With all the stretching, retching , farting and poo-ing going on, you are no longer a nice person to stand down-wind of!!

All this and still you are not totally convinced this could possibly be caused by just 3mm of baby! Honestly! Does the fact that they are capable of this mass destruction at 3mm bode well for the next two trimesters? I mean, as they grow even more, what the hell can they do to your poor defenceless body then!!

Roll on two weeks for the 12 week scan and then you can finally spill beans to family! Some close and well loved sympathetic girlfriends already know but mainly because they know you well enough to have guessed and they will be there for you if anything should go wrong :-/ , or you need to have some outlet to vent your spleen from time to time (whilst it still works under your own control that is!)
I Hope this puts a smile on your faces ladies as its time to lighten the mood and enjoy this experience,

Onwards and OUTWARDS!

Sadly I cannot detail the next two trimesters of this tale as unfortunately this experience ended in a half suspected miscarriage. Discovered at 12 weeks scan but know in my heart to have occurred at around 7 weeks ,

I can however, happily conclude to say that I now have a beautiful and energetic daughter, Thea Josephine who is my life, my future and my world. She has not replaced my lost Angel but is his or her sister and one day the two will reunite. I am in awe at her resilience, and defiance I might add, but mostly at her complete trust in me as her mummy. I vow to always be there for her but to let her grow into the rounded self confident being she deserves to be. Often I wonder at her intrigue in the small things, like a spider inching its way up the wall, or the way our dog snores in his sleep. I know she will be a “Y” child like I was and I hope I can come up with a more satisfactory answer than my mummy did, which was “Z”.

Thanks for reading, and I hope smiling!

Read the next instalment ‘The Truth About The Second Trimester’ same time next week!

La Fee Noire Is Nautical But Nice

La Fee Noire Nautical CollectionJust take their Sleeveless Nautical Maternity Dress, for example, with it’s blue hem panel trim. The black and white stripe with cute covered button detail on the hem panel is super practical in every way. It is soft to the touch, works perfectly with black maternity leggings and is available for £42.

La Fee Noire Nautical Collection

Maybe you would prefer to be seen in pink, in which case their Nautical Maternity Pink Panel Dress might be more to your taste. This dress is available for £45 and has a pink panel trim around the neck and sleeves. The design is a black and white stripe with cute covered buttons detail on the hem panel, and this super practical maternity dress is knee length with cap sleeves.

The best thing about the new collection from La Fee Noire is that, to soften the range, they’ve dropped in some yummy peach melba inspired pieces, reminiscent of luscious freshly churned  ice-cream, which gives you lovely ladies more choice than you can shake a stick at.

To check out the new range go to

Your Essential Guide To New Look Maternity

Maternity Maxi DressA perfect example of this is their range of maternity maxi dresses such as the gorgeous Hula Print Maxi Dress. Priced at £30, this stylish dress has a ruched elasticated bust and a bright floral and decorative print, and as you can see from the image it is a classy addition to any maternity wardrobe.

Maternity BoobtubeOf course, New Look’s maternity collection suits all tastes and if you prefer a more casual look they have a great selection of maternity tees, both plain and slogan. Their Embroidered Shirred Boobtube is a lovely little top and reasonably priced at just £18. It has embroidered detail with diamante and a gathered front for maximum comfort.Maternity Tee

Or maybe you’d prefer to have a sense of humour about your pregnancy, in which case you might be interested in their Yum Panda Maternity Tee at a very reasonable £10. A great short sleeved tee with ‘eating for two’ slogan printed on the front, and it has pleated sides for over the bump comfort.

These are only a few items from New Look’s extensive maternity range. If you like what you see and would like to see more than why not visit


Your Essential Guide To Funmum

For examples of their amazing maternity fashion collection you need look no further than their Print Wrap Top, currently on sale for £29.25 (usual price £45), seen pictured here with White Linen Trousers which are on sale for £25.35 (usual price £39). This on-trend Funmum MaternityFunmum Maternitywhite and print top will make a stylish addition to any maternity

wardrobe, while the linen trousers are just a MUST for this summer giving any outfit a crisp, cool look and featuring a soft-stretchy waistband for ultimate comfort and fit – you’ll find yourself living in these all summer!

Or, for a different look with these versatile Linens, there’s the cropped sleeve black Bolero, currently priced at £14.30 (usual price £22). This is perfect for layering in our ever changeable summer weather. Created from a luxurious cashmillion fabric which is super soft on delicate skin, it has an extra hemline which allows the top to sit comfortably on the bump and provides extra coverage for the bust.Funmum Maternity

I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention Funmum’s breastfeeding collection. It is their belief that breastfeeding clothing is all about feeling confident while nursing without necessarily compromising on style. With this in mind they have designed a gorgeous range of maternity clothing which flatters the pregnant form beautifully and is ideal for breastfeeding too! With tops and dresses which celebrate your changing shape post birth and provide premium fit,comfort and flexibility.Their best selling maternity/breast-feeding range is available in size 8-20,so whatever your lifestyle you’ll find quality, discreet nursing clothing you’ll love to live in.

So, what are you waiting for, go to today and see for yourself just what it means to be a yummy mummy!

are just a MUST for this summer. These
lightweight and airy linen trousers give any outfit a crisp, cool look.
Featuring a soft-stretchy waistband for ultimate comfort and fit you’ll find
yourself living in these all summer! Available in three lengths, petite,
regular and long you really can’t go wrong with a pair of these!

Petit Bump Belt and Waist Expander

With Petit Bump you can keep wearing your favourite clothes unbuttoned and unzipped making sure nobody notices or sees your lower abdomen or underwear. It’s a product that fits all sizes and can be worn with any type of jeans, trousers or skirt that has belt loops. Both useful and elegant, it will rapidly become your must have accessory in your maternity wardrobe!

  Great attention and detail was put into the manufacture of Petit Bump. Designed in Paris, it was created with components manufactured in Europe (fabrics, buckles and elastic) carefully selected for their quality, comfort and resistance.

The unique design ensures the trousers are held up with a gentle pressure on the lower abdomen while wearing the trousers with the button or zip open.

To find out more or buy this innovative new product or buy for just £25, go to

La Fee Noire Goes on Maternity Safari

I’m loving their Designer Maternity Maxi Dress, a super slinky maxi dress available in five designs including peacock print. This little gem is perfect to wear for an evening out or a stroll on the beach and is perfect to wear before, during and Animal Print Maternity Topafter pregnancy. It is available to buy now for £40 – get it while stocks last!

Another piece that I came across with a fun take on the animal print theme was the Animal Print Maternity Top in pink and black. It is a funky leopard print top in a tunic style with side ruching details and ties on the sides and is priced at £30.

And, if you like that, you’ll love their other Animal Print Top which comes in an array of purples, pinks and blacks. Funky Maternity Animal Print TopThis is round neck top would go purrrfect with a pair of leggings and sexy heels and can be bought for £20. Not much to pay to bring out the animal in you!

So if you like what you see and would love to check out the full collection then click on, you won’t be disappointed.