Baby And Maternity Gift Ideas

For the mum-to-be who feels like a little pampering there is the Enchanted Pregnancy Skincare Gift Set. The aptly named set is the perfect pampering treat for a mum to be and is an ideal gift for an expecting friend or loved one, packed with natural goodness.

The set contains;enchanted-pregnancy-skincare-gift-set-mum-to-be--2308-p

  • 100ml Solstace Belly Butter
  • 100ml Foam Bath
  • 50ml Body Oil
  • 50ml Ankle Reviver
  • 50ml Labour of Love

Recommended for use after the 12th week of pregnancy.


La Fee NoireFor the perfect newborn baby gift why not buy a delightful picture frame, available in blue for boys and pink for girls. The mock stone (china feel) picture frame is perfect for the firts baby pictures and the frames are decorated with a cute selection of baby toys including Teddy, building Block and baby cup

This is a really lovely gift for new mum or mum-to-be or add to the baby shower offerings but hurry because stock is limited.

There are also gifts for the older babies, such as the gorgeous amber teething necklace. These are a natural, drug free alternative to the La Fee Noirerelief of teething pain and have been recognized by midwives and mothers the world over. Baltic Amber teething necklaces are the non-intrisive remedy for the pain and side effects of teething, such as lack of appetite, upset tummies, earache, fevers and colds. As a natural analgesic, amber will help calm a baby without resorting to drugs.

Amber is associated with sunlight and warmth and is believed to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing of wounds. The skin’s warmth  promotes the release of healing oils from the amber and effectively eases the teething pain. Amber is not a stone so it is warm to touch, as well as comfortable and light to wear.

Believe me when I say that these gifts are just the tip of the iceberg and to find all the other goodies available to buy, simply go to right now.

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