According to Daily Mail – ‘Finally, sexy maternity bras’ – Really?!


I applaud the fact that maternity bras have featured on the catwalk during New York lingerie fashion week, highlighting the fact that just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you stop wanting to look and feel fabulous, and I can only hope that more maternity fashion appears on catwalks from now on.

Still, I can’t believe the Daily Mail are highlighting this as a new thing and, worst of all, reading down to some of the comments added underneath shocked and saddened me. Comments such as:

Just wrong, on so many ways‘ and ‘Ugh, so wrong. Stop embarrassing yourselves and your husbands

There were many other but no point in giving them any more attention than they’ve already had. Needless to say that shows during all fashion weeks have included scantily clad young women, whether it be underwear or nearly there clothing without eliciting this type of response but some people are so small minded that they can’t bear to see women in one of their most natural and beautiful forms doing the same. It speaks volumes!

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